Accessibility books - Re: eClass D201: Accessible Web Design begins 26 May 2003

From: "Kynn Bartlett" <>
Subject: eClass D201: Accessible Web Design begins 26 May 2003

> NOTE:  This class was originally announced with a new textbook;
>         however, availability problems at Glasshaus have caused us
>         to revert back to the original, "WEB Accessibility" by Mike
>         Paciello.

Its a pity what's happened to Wrox/Glasshaus - I've got a nice collection of
their web Usability related titles in my bookcase. Although I believe that
their copyright has been acquired by another publisher (can't remember
offhand which one, and isn't helping me there!) - so
hopefully there is scope of their title seeing the light of day again.

As for your reversion back to Mike Paciello's work - can I ask for your
opinion on it? It sounds like it covers accessibility material sufficiently
well for your course - what was the reason for selecting Glasshaus'
publication as a replacement. Was it a matter of being a newer / more
up-to-date title?


Received on Tuesday, 20 May 2003 03:52:44 UTC