Re: Arguments for Use of Legitimate Heading Tags

Hi Jerry

 > I'm wondering who besides screen
> reader users benefits from the use of real heading tags in documents.  
> I'd be interested in this group's thoughts.

Heading elements are part of a document's structure; screen readers 
aren't the only software that use them - I have written parsers for 
various projects that take an (X)HTML document and extract information 
from it.

Span elements give no indication of structure, since they are only used 
(as far as I know) to select a particular piece of styling.  A heading 
element, however, makes it quite clear to the parsing software that a 
new section of the document is beginning.  This is also a very good 
reason why structural markup should *not* be used just for text effects.



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Received on Friday, 9 May 2003 18:28:57 UTC