Re: Arguments for Use of Legitimate Heading Tags

Great!!! I really appreciate the arguments put forward here for use of
formal headings.  I think particularly that the arguments related to
automated document production and the possibilities of headings being used
by PDA's and such are quite compelling.  In my imagination, I'm picturing
the possibility of a PDA browser that might provide a sort of outline view
that would give the PDA user the same kind of "bird's eye view" that screen
reader navigation by heading gives.  Then, perhaps, the PDA viewer could ask
that a particular heading's section be expanded to view the actual section.
I don't think this is an unrealistic picture.  Thanks again.  I think I have
some ammunition if I have trouble selling folks on doing special
accommodation for a hand full of blind people.


Received on Friday, 9 May 2003 14:44:13 UTC