Re: dynamic (flyout) menus


>as a designer I want to create an attractive, intuitive, uncluttered and
usable web page<

There is some evidence to suggest that dhtml menus (where you effectively
have to guess which category you want to expand) are less usable, in
general, than those where you can see everything at a glance - scanning is a
very valuable user behaviour to support, on the whole. But please note, I am
not someone who thinks that a good site should be all static text ;-)

Of course, some information architectures are easier to categorise in terms
that everyone will recognise, than others. And in practice, I have visited
many sites where the categorisation was entirely at the whim of the
developer/marketing dept etc. (rather than using a real world model that
ordinary people could use without trial and error).

Lois Wakeman


Received on Thursday, 1 May 2003 11:57:32 UTC