RE: Colour blindness and accessibility - thanks for reponses

> Many thanks for everyone who has taken the trouble to post some
> interesting
> responses to my enquirer's questions. To sum up in a sentence, we have two
> checkers...

We had a severely colour-blind bug-tester a while back. As far as he could
make out he actually had two different kinds of colour-blindness at the same
time. The main problem he had though wasn't with anything we produced
relying too much on colour (though he would catch it quickly when we did)
but rather that he would identify elements on pages or application windows
by the colour they appeared to be to him.
It took some time to convince him that there actually weren't any green
bits, and more information about that bug would be useful...

Received on Thursday, 1 May 2003 11:08:34 UTC