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Hi, Pegg (?)

I looked over your style sheet and it looks reasonably well done
syntactically, although there may be some problems if you combine
an H3 with a link.

The biggest problem I see is that you are specifying the paragraph
font size as 80%.  While it is good to use a percentage (and not
"absolute" pixels or points), there are some problems with this.

In this context, the 80% figure roughly means that all readable text
on your page will be 4/5 of the user's ideal reading size.  Whatever
she has set her defaults to, your text will show up a lot smaller than

This can introduce serious accessibility problems, not only for
people who have "actual" disabilities, but also the large group of
us who simply find small text hard to read.

A good list for further discussion on CSS issues is the HTML
Writers Guild's hwg-style mailing list:

There you can find people willing to help review your style sheets
and provide good "newbie advice."

Also, you are lacking definitions for the body of the text, which
means that there's no background and foreground color set.
This is an important first step for a style sheet that shouldn't be
forgotten about.

Sometime, I should write up a post about how I use style sheets
myself.  It would be pretty simple, as I've figured out most of the
"tricks" I want to use.  Maybe my next book should be a CSS
recipe book.


On Wednesday, April 30, 2003, at 11:57 AM, Section 508.US wrote:

> Ok I am gonna ask:
> First of all, I have a learning disability. I can learn but usually 
> not form books. I need to see the exact thing then I can do it and 
> once I learn it I don't forget.
> I am trying to do CSS/ I have Kens book, the w3 site , lots of 
> reference material. I even took a 4 part course on basic CSS. BUT, 
> when I come to something I have never done before, it is like Greek/
> anyway here is a style sheet I build.
>  I will fix the hover thingy 
> because I know how. but what about the rest of this think. I do not 
> know how far to go and still make it accessible. I have this site in 
> HTML and with some code exceptions it will pass WAI AA,
> Pegglegg
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