RE: Bobby vs. the real world

Michael G. Van Randen CIO, WDA wrote:
> OBTW, my overall choice is ACCPro, by HiSoftware.  

I looked on their site and couldn't find ACCPro. Only :
AccVerify, AccRepair and AccMonitor Content Quality Validation

AccVerify is $495 - is that what you use/recommend? I'm not familiar with
'standalone' site testers, having only used webpage submission form at
Bobby. CynthiaSays web checker is running off code from HiSoftware, so being
that other users on this list have recommended CynthiaSays, it would appear
that would be an indirect endorsement for HiSoftware as well.

That stinks about Bobby. I'm guessing they won't sell the 4.x version
anymore either.

Geoff Hoffman
Lead Web Developer
AZ Interactive Media Group

Received on Tuesday, 29 April 2003 11:41:05 UTC