Bobby vs. the real world

Blank> No one reads the if's.

No, there are many people that can follow simple instructions.

>it has always been a joke

What do you recommend?

I am not sure who's web pages your are talking about? I really have not kept a count or any type of evidence, I don't need to, but every time I have gone to a site that has the "Bobby Approval" I go to back to "bobby" and check the page. Maybe 20% pass, but I really don't think so. I know there are a few dedicated web people who want and do the right thing. Most just want to get by. Check it out and see if this is true. Don't go to your sites that you know are "approved" check, look, and see.

OBTW, I use HiSoftware products. I have in my inventory most remedial software available today. I do have an investment and I do use other software but my overall choice is ACCPro, by HiSoftware.

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