Re: breadcrumb and poker (usability >> accessibility?)

"|" to me is a simple separator and usually, in certain contexts, an "or". I see no relation between any of those terms as separated. The uppercase/lowercase doesn't help much either.

It looks like a section nav bar, yet the terms are obviously crossing sectional levels. Is jazz a child of Music, and classic, soul,country children of Pop? Surely not, but that's about as much relational information I can abstract from that.


>>> Jonathan Chetwynd <> 04/25/03 02:10AM >>>

has anyone seen something similar to the following? or have a view.
for clarity to this audience this is a text version, we'll be using 
graphics if we use it at all.

Home | Media | Music | jazz | Pop | classic | soul | country

the poker aspect allows the user to see what other topics are siblings 
with the current one, which would be pop in this case, and reach them 
with a single click.



Received on Friday, 25 April 2003 17:53:28 UTC