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>As well as the apparent presentational aspect of the term (this is 
>tricky - the pronunciation varies according to many factors) there are 
>differences between what are acronyms and what are abreviations, albeit 
>ones which are fairly subtle in some cases. If we were creating markup 
>designed for serious linguists (like the TEI people) then it would make 
>sense to have two (or more) element types. However I believe that we 
>should have one way of pointing out that the tem being used is standing 
>in for something that can b rendered as a larger term (such as UN for 
>Unitedd Nations).

Then we need to consider not relying on abbr and acronym to *have* a semantic meaning insofar as they define how the content is read/spoken/described. Instead, it would make more sense to stick to the singular use of abbr and utilize a new attribute along the lines of spoken="letters" or spoken="word".

Maybe we could/should style it, thereby letting users override our desire for abbr's to be spoken.

FWIW, I am the only person in my org. to pronounce the NHQI project "nicky"...


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