Re: Accessibility and web developer contracts

Hi Tom,
I work for an eLearning company who develop soloutions for large 
corporations and the public sector in the UK. The particular clause you 
mention is fairly common in the contracts we deal with.

Normally, the clause is based around their own development standards (which 
may or may not include accessibility). Failure to meet their standards would 
result in my company having to re-code failing areas until it passed their 
strict standards (at our expense). The testing is normally conducted by the 
client owns dedicated standards department.

Personally, i would expect this clause in any development work we undertook.

Hope this helps?
Matt |

>From: Tom James <>
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>Subject: Accessibility and web developer contracts
>Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 13:16:53 +0100
>Hi all,
>	I'm back on the list after a shortish absence due to a rather
>hurried change of job and location ... I've turned somewhat from poacher to
>gamekeeper, previously being involved as a developer / provider of web
>systems, and now being involved in scoping / commissioning such work.
>	Anyway, my question: I'm currently involved in writing a spec for a
>large web development project. The accessibility issues are likely to be
>considerable and complex, as some of the output is likely to be map-based,
>and some of it is likely to consist of data tables, possibly with
>multi-level headings. Would it be acceptable  (or even common?) to write
>some clause in the specification to the effect "we reserve the right to 
>the accessibility audited / tested by an independent body / person / group 
>whatever, with any necessary changes to be made at the web development
>company's expense". Has anyone (either on the commissioning or providing
>side) experience of such a clause - I must admit, I never came across one
>while working as a developer?
>	Many thanks in advance,
>		Tom
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