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> I beg your pardon, but I've been coding in xhtml for the past year now, and the dominant browser has no problem whatsoever, in my experience. Could you give any examples of xhtml that makes IE choke, as I haven't come across any at this stage ?

   First we need to sort out what you mean by "dominant browser", though for
  the sake of argument we can say it's "IE". I doubt you'll find any
  unflawed statistics to support it.

   Secondly, Internet Explorer does not support XHTML as has been pointed 
  out. It treats what it gets as broken HTML. If you send, as you should,
  a content-type that identifies the content as XHTML, then IE will not be
  able to handle it.

   You can easily test this for yourself by setting your web server to return
  application/xhtml+xml for all your XHTML documents; then trying IE on the

   There are several hacks around it, but they remain hacks.

 - Tina Holmboe

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