RE: Web site accessibility-layers

> How to turn layers off?

Switch off CSS. this will then display the layers in the order they appear in the source. If you mean "visually" switching layers on/off, that's either a full CSS implementation (using some nifty :hover definitions), or a Javascript solution that sets the visibility attribute of the layer's style definition, or switches the layer's CSS class from a visible to an hidden one.

> What's the difference between content's logical order and
> visual order?

A classic example would be a page's navigation sidebar. Visually, you may want it to appear on the left-hand side of the page, but it could make sense in the source code to have the <div> after the page's main content (so that users with text browsers, for instance, get the content first, and the navigation later).

> Is there any reference or good website using layers that I
> can take a look at? Thanks.

More and more sites are now starting to go for xhtml+css only layouts, abandoning "visual" support for older, non-compliant browsers (*cough*Netscape 4.x*cough*). I couldn't think of a clear leader in the field, but does a good job (although they don't actually re-order the layers as explained above).

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