Re: Limited Number of possible accesskey values

> If I remember right the use of numbers and punctuation was just
> about the only thing that was generally safe.

On a character terminal, one can probably only use control as a 
modifier, in which case numbers will either be ignored or
alias as control-0 = control-p, control-3=control-s = stop output, etc.

>   7 Complaints procedure

Maybe the government doesn't want to be accused of making complaining
difficult (they outsource their web site support for that!), but I would
consider this an infrequently used feature that would better be grouped
with feedback.  Even then, I'm not sure that feedback is a common
enough requirement to justify an access key.
>   8 Terms and conditions

I'm pretty sure that I'm about the only person who ever reads these on
web sites.  I think this would be much better left free for more 
frequently accessed features.

>   1 Home page

A well designed browser would handle these internally, based on the
rel attributes on the links or anchors, although I don't know of
one that does provide easy keyboard access.
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