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RE: 508 vs. W3C

From: RUST Randal <RRust@COVANSYS.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 08:01:43 -0400
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>Thanks Judy. I'm a little unclear on the enforcement of 508 compliancy.

According to the Accessibility Policy Statement for the State of Minnesota:

"Standards were published in the Federal Register on December 21, 2000, and
are enforceable as of June 21, 2001.  These standards are also applicable to
the states by virtue of Section 101(e)(3) of the Tech Act where it states
that each state receiving a grant under this Tech Act must abide by the
assurance it submitted under Section 103 of the previous Tech Act of 1988."

I believe what they are referring to here as the Tech Act is the Assistive
Technology Act.  In any case, most states that I have read RFPs from in the
past year have all had some sort of accessibility requirements.  And they
either mention 508, or the guidelines upon which it is based, WCAG 1.0.

If you look at 508 and WCAG side-by-side, and hit all of the major
requirements, you're going to be in good shape.  See Jim Thatcher's
excellent comparison:  http://jimthatcher.com/sidebyside.htm

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