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Re: do vector graphics enhance our concept of self?

From: jonathan chetwynd <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 08:57:32 +0100
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Yes Chaals,
but the unfortunate fact is that with a gif one can just choose a 'magic
wand tool' and the job is kind of done.
whereas for svg, one remains in a kind of fantasy land, ie highly work
intensive, and only partially meeting the needs*.

as far as png files go, as far as my limited (ie one file) test showed there
was a 5-10% compression saving on gif, hardly comparable with ~300% for

Surely it must be plain that with all the open source productivity available
a concerted effort to either get the jpeg source released, reverse engineer,
or create a new source is a reasonable project?
SVG is not intended to replace jpeg or gif as I understand it, or did I get
this wrong to?

thanks again


On degredation, transparency is lost, so all the tracing goes to waste.
Transparency is fairly fundamental to sprites.
Its this degredation, that is the concern, or more significantly, the
attitude to it, for meta-freaks.

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> <clippath d="[[here you need a path around the bit of the image that
> >you want - this can be generated quickly by tracing out the image,
> Amaya's good for that...
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