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Re: WinWAP 3.0 PRO - WAP Browser for Windows

From: Francisco Godinho <f.godinho@mail.telepac.pt>
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 01:24:22 +0100
To: <softsales@slobtrot.com>, "Mikael Krogius - Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab" <krogius@slobtrot.com>
Cc: <acessibilidade@egroups.com>, "WAI Interest Group" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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Hello Mikael

Could winwap support keyboard navigation in the next version ?
I can't use a pointing device to select the links!

Francisco Godinho

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From: Mikael Krogius - Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab <krogius@slobtrot.com>
To: softsales@slobtrot.com <softsales@slobtrot.com>
Date: Segunda-feira, 31 de Julho de 2000 19:38
Subject: WinWAP 3.0 PRO - WAP Browser for Windows

>Dear Sir,
>We have today released a new and improved version of our popular WinWAP
>WinWAP is a full WAP browser for Windows. It works both over the internet
>( HTTPS ) and with a WAP Gateway. It supports both WTLS and HTTPS security
>and has full support for WMLScripts. This easy to use WAP browser is
>designed to make the Wireless Application Services as easy to use and
>understand as if you were using your normal web browser.
>WinWAP PRO Features:
>- Open files with HTTP or via a WAP Gateway or from your local hard drive
>- Supports WMLScripts
>- Supports HTTP cookies
>- Supports secure modes ( WTLS and HTTPS )
>- Has the feel and look of any normal web browser ( easy to use )
>- Has the functionality of any normal web browser :
>printing, bookmarks, remembers locations, resizing windows, open in new
>window, sounds, backgrounds, proxy, http & WAP gateway authentication,
>dial-up connections, saving ( text, wml or html ), view source code and
>variables, select & copy text, find text
>- Search engine
>- View size as : Nokia 7110, Ericsson R320, Ericsson MC218, Motorola
>- Costs less then any WAP enabled device
>- No size limits for the decks
>- Connects to WAP Gateways
>WAP Gateway connection features :
>- Connection less and oriented mode
>- Secure connection less and oriented mode ( WTLS )
>- Gateway authentication
>- Compatible with all the popular gateways
>With WinWAP you can read WAP sites with your PC over any Internet
>( Dial-Up, Cable modem, LAN ). It supports loading binary wml pages as well
>as text wml pages over the HTTP protocol, or via a WAP gateway provided by
>your telephone company. The benefit from using WAP services with your PC is
>that you have a large screen, mouse and keyboard and can use fast modem or
>LAN connections in addition to all the benefits from being able to print,
>save and search WAP pages.
>To download the evaluation version of the browser you should visit
>http://winwap.org and click on the "download" link.
>Best regards,
> Mikael Krogius
> Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab
>.   Slob-Trot Software Oy Ab
>.   http://www.slobtrot.com, softsales@slobtrot.com
>.   Perttulantie 6 a, 00210, Helsinki, Finland
>.   tel:+358-9-6821054 fax:+358-9-6822187
>You have earlier indicated your interest in our WAP products and that is
>you are receiving this notification about a new release of the browser.
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