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I told nancey that this should not fail necessarily to be put up on the
basis of something that needs correcting, but as the ie5.01 rendering with
jfw3.7 below shows, there are some other issues with this page. mainly some
of the links that say the same thing.  This is something that no validator
will yet catch.
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Torch tours Florida campuses, Tallahassee CIL
ADA map info for image map
ADA torch relay route map
24: Aug. 6-7 New York
23: Aug. 3 Boston
22: July 31 Auburn Hills, MI
21: July 29 Philadelphia
20: July 25 Washington D.C.
19: July 25 Arlington VA
18: July 22 Columbia, SC
17: July 20-21 Atlanta
16: July 19 Warm Springs, GA
15: July 17 Tallahassee
14: July 15 Montgomery
13: July 13 Jackson
12: July 11 Memphis
11: July 9 Chicago
10: July 7 Madison
9: July 4 St. Louis
8: June 30 Topeka
7: June 27 Denver
6: June 24 Salt Lake City
5: June 21 Phoenix
4: June 19 Los Angeles
3: June 17 San Francisco
2: June 13 Austin
1: June 11, Houston

Colleges show off their accessibility, pledge to do more

Torchbearer Angel WatsonThe torch and all its followers braved the hot
Florida sun to talk about equality, the ADA and the work still to be done.
The relay
took a tour of Florida campuses as the state touted its leadership in
Full story
Two Florida universities offer resource centers, special services for
students with disabilities.
The people and stories along the relay route.
The people who carried the flame in Tallahassee.

ADA News and Features
State with high disability population has history as leader in access
With third largest disability population in the country, Florida needs to
provide extra services and access -- and it does. Residents say it's like a
world than some other states.
Full story
Van Gogh brothers rock through life
The Van Gogh music group rocks the stage at Tallahassee event. Here's a
profile of the brothers who comprise the group.
Full story
How do Florida theme parks rate on accessibility?
Florida attractions more accessible than most theme parks elsewhere, says
one recent visitor who is paraplegic. Here's her view after a trip to Disney
Full story
Torch takes historic civil rights route
The Selma-to-Montgomery March of 1965 was a catalyst for passage of the
Voting Rights Act. This weekend, the ADA Torch Relay follows that same route
its drive for civil rights for individuals with disabilities.
Full story
From Selma to Montgomery, liberty and equality are themes of the day
Crowd ascends steps of capitol building Reminiscent of civil rights
activists of the 1960s, a passionate group of people with disabilities and
marched the message of equal rights for all into the state capital here on
Saturday. From Selma to Montgomery, the torch relay lights the flame of
Full story
Montgomery, Ala., vignettes
Against the backdrop of the Alabama torch relay stop, there were countless
stories. Here are just a few of the snapshots along the route.
Full story
Montgomery, Ala., torchbearers
Some of the people who carried the torch in Alabama.
Full story
In case of flat tire, turn here
The tale of R.A.T.: Creator wanted to provide wheelchair users of a place
they could go for service, wherever they were.
Full story
NOD takes campaign to birthplace of voting rights
NOD takes its Vote! 2000 Campaign to Montgomery, where the fervent belief in
the right to vote has a long history.
Full story
ADA events across the country
Cities across the country are planning celebrations for the ADA's birthday.
Check for events here in your own state or hometown -- and tell us if we're
missing something.
Full story
Q&A with Andy Imparato: The relay at the halfway point
As the ADA Torch Relay heads into the southern part of the United States and
into its second half of the 24 cities, Andy Imparato of lead sponsor AAPD
with iCan.
Full story
GM backs ADA celebrations and iCan
Dave Silcox and Jeff Borgness with the iCan vanGM Mobility Center is
sponsoring gala celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ADA, and is backing
coverage of the relay. It's all part of an effort to meet the needs of those
with disabilities.
Full story
Equality goes for the Internet, too
Trace Center and other accessibility-focused facilities and researchers look
for ways to make technology accessible to everyone. From ATMs to voting
there are dozens of new products available.
Full story
Gore calls assistive tech a key in closing Digital Divide
Gore addresses Digital Divide, high cost of prescription drugs in stopover
in St. Louis.
Full story
25 years later: IDEA has opened doors to education
But there's still work to be done integrating children with disabilities
into the classroom, and getting them the accommodations they need to
Full story
Districts struggle to fund special education, with little federal help
Lack of federal, state funding leaves local school districts paying the bill
for special education programs. It taxes their budgets, and results in
over extra services for kids with special needs.
Full story
Independence is theme all year long in St. Louis
Independence Day comes once a year for the nation, but many Americans take
personal independence for granted. For a person with a disability, it's all
being able to make choices. St. Louis and its community highlights the
importance of those choices.
Full story
Smithsonian exhibit reflects changing times and attitudes
Smithsonian exhibit opens July 6, showcasing disability rights movement from
a civil rights perspective.
Full story
ADA news briefs
Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin asks for your stories ... Join AAPD and get a T-shirt
... more briefs.
Full story
A guide to asserting your rights
ADAPT has made its name by fighting to create change. Here are a few tips by
a national organizer of the organization on how others can advocate in their
own hometown.
Full story
Harkin invites you to share your thoughts on ADA
U.S. Senator Tom Harkin has invited people from across the country to share
their thoughts on the ADA's impact.
Full story
With device, anyone can 'carry' the torch
Adaptation allows wheelchair users to carry torch in tripod-like device.
Most torch bearers in Houston used it.
Full story
The ADA: Often misunderstood, always changing
The Americans with Disabilities is a chameleon -- always changing. But
that's what it was intended to be -- a law that could be made more specific
as it
goes. Here's a brief overview if where the ADA has been.
Full story
Faces of the ADA: The individuals behind the law
The ADA went into effect thanks to the vision, courage and hard work of
countless individuals. Here's a short list of some of those key people.
Full story
iCan's ADA Torch Relay team
Full story
iCan staff: What the ADA means to us
Full story
NOD launches $5,000 ADA essay contest
National Organization on Disability and SpeakOut.com ask entrants to answer:
'Why is the Americans with Disabilities Act good for our country?'
Full story
Sign a petition of support
Take this opportunity to pledge your support for continuing the efforts of
equality and opportunity -- beyond this 10th anniversary of the ADA.
Full story
You can share in IDEA's implementation by taking survey
Take part in education survey to help form a national plan as part of the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
Full story
Other important civil rights legislation
The ADA has been around ten years, but there are several other pieces of
legislation that have been passed as well. Here's an overview.
Full story
Torch relay: 24 cities of opportunity
Ten years after the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed, things are
better -- but the work is not over. That's the message of the 24-city Spirit
of ADA Torch Relay, which kicked off in Houston. Follow the relay along with
iCan, as we journey from city to city, chronicling the past, the present and
the future of the ADA.
Full story

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