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Re: What's Happenin

From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn-hwg@idyllmtn.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 09:54:05 -0700
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To: Kynn Bartlett <kynn@idyllmtn.com>
Cc: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
As a followup, I decided to bite the bullet and so launched Internet
Explorer (the other browser on my laptop) to view whatshappenin.com.

It told me I needed to upgrade [sic] to Netscape or IE 4.0!  I'm using
IE 5.0!!  Argh.

I've written them a letter of complaint, anyone else feel like doing
so, feel free. :)


Kynn Bartlett <kynn@hwg.org>
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HTML Writers Guild <URL:http://www.hwg.org>
Director, Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education Center
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