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xml?[Fwd: News or idle rumor?]

From: David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 17:55:54 -0500
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it has been said that microsoft plans to develop something propriatary
and perhaps sinister surrounding xml.  here is the response to that

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Subject: News or idle rumor?
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 14:48:11 -0700
From: Dan Rogers <danro@microsoft.com>
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Parden my intrusion.  I'm the person at Microsoft the runs and manages
www.biztalk.org web site.  This list recently posted some information
the use of XML and the www.biztalk.org library that is totally
I'd like a chance to address some of the points made.

Point 1.  The writer asserts that Microsoft is retaining the
copyrights to
all XML schemas.  Hah!  Totally false.  The companies that submit the
schemas granted Microsoft permission to store them on computers,
them electronically, and to copyright the copyrightable work that
from combining XML schemas with search displays and artwork.  The
that have contributed their schemas are committed to XML, are using
XML, and
see the need for the discovery, validation and hosting services
provided by
the library.  I have to believe that if the companies that have
did not believe this, then they would not be participating.  The
that are in the library are free to be used by anyone.  The copyright
held on the presentation - namely the web site, the search mechanism,
menus, buttons, and articles on the site.  This is standard fare for
all web

Point 2.  OASIS is writing a specification for a schema registration
facililty that will duplicate the function of the biztalk.org library.
Microsoft is a member in good standing of OASIS.  There aren't any
at www.xml.org - although OASIS does intend on creating a registry of
publishers that use XML for any purpose.  The biztalk.org library was
in September this year - after several months of hard work and
The way I see it, different companies will use different XML portals.

Point 3.  The writer of this incorrect missive states that  Microsoft
using XML in a proprietary way.  This is patently rediculous.  How can
use the standard (W3C XML) in a proprietary way.  Please visit the
Learn the facts.  We're promoting a consistent way to represent
in documents.  We're going to use XML in our products, just as others
do in
their products.  So, for those on this list that want to find out for
themselves, and not fall prey to rumor mongering, visit our library. 
yourself a user ID and password (it's free, and always will be). 
Search for
schemas.  Download them.  Download the tools that we are giving away,
and all.  Use the tools and schemas you find in any way you like. 
above all, participate in the community discussions - if you see
proprietary and non-standard, I'd like to know what it is.

Point 4.  The writer intimated that Microsoft is big and powerful (and
therefore bad).  For the record, OASIS is funded totally by
from IBM, SUN and Oracle.  Thus, OASIS is run by large and powerful
companies.  The fact is that large and powerful software companies are
embracing XML like they do every useful and innovative technology.

Best Regards,

Dan Rogers
Microsoft Corporation
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