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Re[2]: Washington Post

From: <karl.hebenstreit@gsa.gov>
Date: 23 Nov 98 16:02:00 -0500
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To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org, marti@ultranet.com
Marti -

Isn't it a conflict of interest for you to post the message below, considering
you work for a consulting firm specializing in helping organizations to make
their websites accessible?


Agassa Technologies is a minority and disabled-owned company whose primary
business focus is to serve as a   technological "bridge" between organizations
who employ the Internet to meet their business or public-service objectives,
and the millions of disabled users worldwide who actively seek to use this
valuable resource to enhance their lives. We are   a company dedicated to
helping information providers employ the World Wide Web effectively to reach all
of their target audiences. Our many years of combined experience include direct
management of World Wide Web operations for Fortune 500 companies, technical
evaluations and hands-on use of popular assistive technology software
applications and hardware. We have practical experience in state-of-the-art Web
site design, analysis and hosting. 

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Subject:    Re: Washington Post
Author: "ultranet" <marti@ultranet.com>
Date:       11/18/98 6:53 AM

If Mr.. Raspberry is following this discussion he must be greatly amused.  I
find it hard to believe that so much attention is being devoted to his
bigotry. Unfortunately he may be right about getting a grip.  Give the 'man'
an Archie Bunker award and move on.
Marti McCuller
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