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Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 08:08:41 -0500
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After living in DC for the past four years.  The term "We are the
government" is something politicians and lobbyist inside the capital beltway
want you to believe.  In reality, "We the people" better have lobbyist,
senators, congressmen and their staffers on their side. Or else it wont get

The most powerful people in DC are the senators and congressmen's staffers.
These are normally kids out of college or professional staffers who watch
the bills and make recommendations to the representative. If you do not
believe me, a General will volunteer to carry a staffers luggage. If you
want obtain support from a politician, get to know their staff.  There are
plenty of lobbyist who are ex-staffers.  A politician will vote his party
line first and his special interest second. No where does "We the people"
exist" --  just look at the last budget bill.

So for all those people on the WAI Interest Group who want to do something
of significance instead of demanding change, here is your chance. You must
do two things: call and email your congressman, and state and local
GOVERNMENT, STATE OR LOCAL WEB SITE.  The reason I say two things is there
are starting to get so much email, it is going unread.  You also need to
include your name, address and phone number, so they know you are a

This is a wake up call!  People and friends of the WAI IG must be proactive
to affect change.  If you are from outside the USA, then please forward this
information to a WAI member who is in the USA!

If you do not know who is your US and State congressman or senator, then go
to http://www.infospace.com/ and select the Government Link and you find
your Government Federal,  State,  Local,  Officials, Embassies.  When in
doubt, call your Board of Elections.  I cannot make recommendations for
people in other countries as I do not know their government processes.

Its your call, so what are you going to do?  Sit by and whine to friends or
be proactive!

Does someone have disk space where inaccessible sites can be posted.  I
thought someone had started this?

More than my two cents, Rob
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