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RE: ALT-attribute usage (fwd)

From: David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 06:42:29 -0500 (EST)
To: "Charles (Chuck) Oppermann" <chuckop@MICROSOFT.com>
cc: "'Geoff Freed'" <Geoff_Freed@wgbh.org>, po@trace.wisc.edu, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
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for screenreaders which allow for inflection, a period is deffinitely a
way to go, but I submit that screenreaders are highly configurable these
days and can be told to speak punctuation so in the event that there is
punctuation after or inside an alt tag, they can have it spoken or not.
different screenreaders behave differently and have different setting
capabilities so cannot be gaged as to the overall effectiveness as to one
punctuation mark or annother.  Perhaps thre's something in the dictionary
link spoken of on this list early such that when the browser encounters an
alt tag, it will say alt or description et al.
also hint, the screen can be explored one character at a time.

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Charles (Chuck) Oppermann wrote:

> Do you think it's wise that a HTML recommendation be based on the
> behavior of a single accessibility aid?
> Charles Oppermann
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> 	From:	Geoff Freed [SMTP:Geoff_Freed@wgbh.org]
> 	Sent:	Monday, November 03, 1997 1:49 PM
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> 	Subject:	Re: ALT-attribute usage (fwd)
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> 	I vote for "Item."  Based on my experience with outSPOKEN, I
> also vote for the comma since it forces a decent (but not long) pause in
> the reading of the text.  To keep things as clear as possible, I think
> it's important to have a pause after the text tag.  I just ran several
> tests and found that outSPOKEN doesn't seem to care if there are spaces
> after the comma.  the pause is the same after no space, one space, two
> spaces or more.  But outSPOKEN does not pause at all after a semicolon,
> regardless of spaces.
> 	To confuse the issue a bit further... when it encounters a
> period, outSPOKEN drops its pitch slightly.  Therefore, inserting a
> period after a text tag might make it clearer that the text tag has
> ended.  Maybe a period is a better seperator? 
> 	geoff
> 	CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
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> 	Date: 11/3/97 4:37 PM
> 	To: Geoff Freed
> 	From: po@trace.wisc.edu
> 	Perfect.  Just the feedback we needed.
> 	Unless I hear otherwise the guidelines will recommend
> 	1)  that any graphics used as bullets have the alt text  "Item"
> With a 
> 	character to cause a pause after the word.
> 	The two candidates are Comma and Semicolon.   Possibly with a
> space 
> 	afterward to keep the word from running into the next word.
> 	Couple of questions to close this one off
> 	 - Is there a consensus that there should be "item"?  (I thought
> I got one 
> 	but am not sure)
> 	- Is comma the proper character for a pause.  It is longer but
> longer may 
> 	not be better.  And Semicolon looks better visually and more
> natural so it 
> 	might get included more.     Should we use Semicolon or comma?
> 	- Is the space needed?  Can someone confirm?  Is it needed for
> comma?   Is 
> 	it needed for Semicolon?
> 	Thanks much.
> 	Gregg
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