Re: Title on horizontal rule

I was wondering if anyone has been doing a long term follow-up to
trainings on web accessibility.  A pattern I think I'm seeing seems
to be:

1.  Attend workshop

2.  Be exposed to unexpected problems on web pages

3.  Be appreciative of the exposure

4.  Go back to work

5.  Realize the implications of the technology gap, i.e. extra work,
    conflicts on whether to take advantage of modern inaccessible technology

6.  Go into shock

7.  Do some easy stuff

8.  Put rest on "to do" list for when there's some free time

I ran into one attendee from the UC Berkeley workshop at a coffee
shop who was fairly frustrated in trying to be accessible and be
current like her manager wants the site to be.  Her question was
who is responsible for making sure that accessibility is current
with the technology.  Is it her responsibility to compensate for
the failings of the technology world and/or the disabled world
in letting the technology gap develop?


Received on Thursday, 30 October 1997 10:49:12 UTC