Re: Style Sheets for Access

This problem brings to the fore once again an issue which I raised in the
HC working group last week.

Suppose that two media types were defined as follows:

media="screen enlarged"
media="print enlarged"

Now according to the current draft of the HTML specification, these media
types would be truncated, respectively, to "screen" and "print". As I
understand it, there is broad agreement within the HC working group that
the specification needs to be changed in this regard, so as to allow
additional media types, including parameterized values, to be established
by the W3C without changing the HTML 4.0 specification.

Given this proposal, if the default persistent style sheet has one or both
of the hypothetical media types mentioned above (E.G. media="screen
enlarged, print enlarged"), then would a later persistent style sheet of
type media="print" participate in the cascade?

My preliminary conclusion is that it should not do so, for the reason
which has been mentioned in this discussion, namely that it is difficult
to design a style sheet which would successfully prevent a later style
sheet from setting the font size in one or more elements of the document.

Received on Wednesday, 29 October 1997 22:04:18 UTC