Re: CSS 2: priorities in cascading order

At 12:15 PM 12/22/97 +1100, Jason White wrote:
>For the sake of clarity, I shall illustrate my proposal with an example.
>Given the following user style:
>li { color: red ! required }
>and an author's style which provides as follows:
>ol { color: blue ! important }
>then if there is an ordered list in the document such as:
><ol> <li class="abc"> This is the first and only item in an ordered list.
>the above item will be coloured red, despite the author's declaration.
>This is a result of the stipulation, set forth in my previous message,
>that the "required" key word should give the user's rule priority over all
>of the author's rules, regardless of the specificity of the latter.
>Furthermore, as this example makes clear, "required" rules have priority
>over the author's "important" rules.
JRG: What about children and sub classing if you but !required in the BASE
selector would any child of BASE then retain the required attribute.  If
you put in a !required in the H1 selector, would any child of H1 also be
forced to use the required selector?

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