Braille and web orientation

Al Gilman writes:

 > > One question: In braille printouts, is it customary to put these page
 > > references into into a running header or into the text flow? Is there
 > > other conventions in braille printing we should be aware of?
 > I believe they are often used in headers.  Sometimes the running headers
 > are only included in the Braille page when the print page changes.

That makes sense. JasonW supports this in the reference you gave below.

 > Some of the resources that I think provide an orientation to Braille
 > usage that helps with what we need to do with the Web formats are
 > listed below.  We don't have a definitive requirements statement.
 > But I think these materials give a good idea of the shape of the
 > problem.

Thanks, these references were very helpful. The difference between
printed braille and dynamic braille seems important enough to warrant
two different media types. This is noted along with the description of
"BRAILLE" in the CSS2 WD [1], but no name pair. How about

  BRAILLE           (dynamic braille)
  BRAILLE-PRINT     (static braille)

Alternative suggestions welcome.




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Received on Saturday, 8 November 1997 13:14:05 UTC