RE: print page number /= current page number in Braille paginatio n.

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> Sent:	Friday, November 07, 1997 14:52
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> Subject:	Re: print page number /= current page number in Braille
> paginatio       n.
	> We should
	>recognize that we, as beneficiaries of the superior
	>of online hypertext text, want the HTML medium to be accepted
	>a competitive "first" medium for authoring over a wider and
	>range of activities.  To get there, the associated print
	>capabilities including navigation references by page number (as
	>the CSS2 spec illustrates, n.b.) are an absoute requirement.

	Navigation yes - by page reference no (IMHO). Why make the
	backwards step? The on-line navigational capabilities of html
	are far superior to page based systems. Equally the index, table
	contents, cross references can all be done in far better ways.
	(side, boxed, foot etc) are all possible without copying the 
	print based world. 
	Let's move forwards and make best use of them.

	>     first: add an "index" variable as a peer of "title,
	>    section" in the header formatting infrastructure. 

	Surely these are attributes?
	All managed very well by standard SGML techniques. Creating 
	unique anchor namess from node references permits easy use of
	cross references, but the overriding need is for document tree
	traversal, something more in the realms of XML/DSSSL than


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