CSS 2: inserting text and markup into HTML documents

No no no.

Please do not try to turn CSS into some kind of recursive
CPP like language  --we'll all live to regret it.
Jason White writes:
 > Daniel recently directed my attention to a submission that has just been
 > made to the W3C:
 > http://www.w3.org/Submission/1997/16/
 > which discusses a system of transformation properties that is compatible
 > with CSS syntax. If the CSS working group considered it appropriate to add
 > such functionality to CSS 2, then in addition to the properties mentioned
 > in the submission, it would presumably also be possible to include a
 > property that would permit the insertion by the style sheet of text
 > fragments, including markup, into the document. Styles could then be
 > applied recursively to generate the desired output.
 > Thus, for example, one could define two properties, perhaps called
 > INSERT-BEFORE and INSERT-AFTER, the function of which would be to insert
 > strings of characters, comprising both text and markup, into the document.
 > The text would of course be marked up in the object language, and once it
 > had been inserted, all relevant styles would then be applied.
 > I recognise that such a proposal would amount to a fairly radical
 > extension of CSS 2, but if the submission cited above is taken seriously,
 > on other grounds, then the WAI could capitalise on it by suggesting the
 > inclusion of the properties which I have described, as a solution to the
 > generic prefix/suffix text issue.

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