RE: SELECT/ OPTION GROUPS with the SIZE attribute (fwd)

Offhand, I am concerned it potentially won't scale and it doesn't handle
the following:

1) nested value lists (my example from much earlier)
2) multi-columns
3) rich HTML items
4) mult-select for hierarchy
5) Individually checked items similar to a menu
6) Disabling of items or nested groups


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> On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Scott Isaacs wrote:
> > I guess I am trying to avoid hierarchy and therefore sub-groups.
> > I want hierarchy, but the current proposal fails to address many
> > of the issues with hierarchy.
> I believe you are referring to rendering issues only. Can you
> confirm this?  I would very much appreciate any evidence as to
> how the proposal is inadequate on grounds unrelated to rendering.
> > I also disagree with the suggested rendering as it only addresses
> > single select lists (unless I missed something).  I still do not
> > know how to handle multi-select hierarchical lists, or lists with
> > an undefined size. 
> I don't feel its appropriate for the HTML spec to make detailed
> proposals for rendering. The example in the latest draft was only
> intended to show the hierarchy and not intended as a suggested
> rendering. In any case the HTML working group resolved not to add
> new rendering attributes. There are many ways to present multiple
> selection hierarchies, for instance with a hierarchical menu where
> the currently selected choices are indicated by check marks, or by
> a tree-view control that allows levels of detail to be expanded and
> collapsed. If we want to give authors control over this I suggest
> we start discussing extensions to CSS.
> > Instead of recommending syntax changes to listboxes, why not add
> > text to HTML 4.0 with guidelines on how to properly use lists to
> > make them more accessible. This recommendation can also apply to
> > radio button groups and check box groups (they are no different
> > than a list box in providing a list of options to the user). 
> I will do my best to make the spec clearer on the accessibility
> issues arising from long lists.
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