Reserving link types for abbreviation and phonetic dictionaries

Has it been decided whether this group should recommend that link types be
reserved for phonetic and abbreviation dictionaries?

This is a separate issue from Al's LINK and META proposals, though the two
are of course related. If descriptions of tables and other components of
the document are also needed, as discussion on the IG list indicates, then
a link type would need to be set aside for this purpose as well.

My personal opinion is that these issues should be left for future
consideration as part of the WAI Formats and Protocols activity. Those
link types (and class types) which prove to be useful can be described in
WAI markup guidelines and incorporated into a future version of the HTML
specification if desired.

Perhaps media types, link types and standardised class names should all be
treated in a separate W3C specification, which could serve as an addendum
to the HTML and CSS specifications.

Received on Friday, 24 October 1997 00:37:26 UTC