Re: WAI HC, IG accessibility review

Al Gilman wrote:
> Here is an overview of the results of the accessibility review of
> HTML4 and CSS2.  Please use the copy on the Web at

Hmm... this isn't what I was expecting. I was expecting
a list of proposed changes, complete with suggested wording.

The examples are good, and maybe those are enough.
Editors: what do you think? Are these proposals clear
enough that you can just merge them in, or do you
see missing bits or open issues?

Each of the issues (option, table, desc, ref, media) seems
to have several proposals available. There are still questions
to discuss, etc.

We have just over a week to incorporate the WAI input on HTML4.
I don't expect the HTML WG to debate the various proposals,
but rather to review and refine the suggested changes.

In particular, we need something that won't change, or won't
change that much. But I see:

This page will be maintained to try to keep it within 24 hours of
current with respect to current discussion during the period from
October 15th to Nov 10th. 

Am I off the mark?

Dan Connolly, W3C HTML Working Group Chair

Received on Wednesday, 22 October 1997 17:53:32 UTC