On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Al Gilman wrote:

> It is unfortunate that AXIS only allows one value.  In practice we
> do use multiple, overlapping sets of categories in grouping. 
> The example I found, motivated by a real table, is the matter that
> the econometric data for the first quarter of 1996 is a part of
> at least two wholes: 
> 	The four quarters of one year
> 	The multiyear series of first-quarter statistics
> I don't have the capability to tie a cell or cell category two ways
> to accomodate this with the single-entry limitation in AXIS.

I guess we could extend AXES to support this. The question then is
what syntax?  Space separated lists are conventional in SGML, but
this presupposes the list items are single words. I would prefer to
use a comma as the delimiter in this case to give authors more
flexibility in choosing axis names, the motivation being the ability
to use the axis name in "explanations" of the table structure.


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