OBJECT emulating MAP -- is this editorial?


In mail from Jason, he has said that the HTML specification prose
should be clarified along the following lines:

> The correct user agent behaviour, which is already implicit in
> the HTML 4.0 draft, may be summarised as follows.
> If the content of OBJECT is not another OBJECT element, then the
> following rules apply:
> (1)  if SHAPES is specified, a visual user agent (with graphics enabled) 
> must search the content of OBJECT for anchors with COORDS attributes,
> which define the areas of the image map. In all other circumstances,
> visual user agents (with graphics enabled) should ignore the content of
> object.  (2) Non-visual user agents, (or visual user agents with graphics
> disabled) must always render the content of OBJECT.

Is the intended behavior of OBJECT as in the latest internal
draft the same as what Jason has described, here?

Has the specification language already been tightened to make
this clearer, or do you believe the HTML group would consider
such a revision to the prose a friendly/editorial amendment?

-- Al

Received on Wednesday, 15 October 1997 16:51:34 UTC