RDF and HTML tables?


Daniel Dardailler has set up a small review group for accessibility
features in HTML 4 and CSS2. I am currently trying to pin down our
ideas on accessibility features for HTML tables as HTML 4.0 is
due to become a Proposed Recommendation by early next month.

A useful feature would be the ability to associate a table with a
definition of how it relates to a database, basically a link to
meta-data describing the data model, or to a script for generating
the table or for extracting the data from the table and writing it
to a database. 

Al Gilman and I are interested in the possibilities for using RDF
for binding the table to the data model or script. An alternative
would be to add an attribute to the TABLE element to provide a URL
referencing the table's data model etc. I would be most grateful if
you could enlighten me as to current thinking of how RDF can be used
to annotate HTML markup. 

p.s. for WAI-HC folks reading this message, Ralph Swick is the
W3C staff member responsible for work on metadata. For more info
on W3C's metadata work, see http://www.w3.org/Metadata/


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Received on Monday, 13 October 1997 11:25:30 UTC