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On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Al Gilman wrote:

> As a result, I don't see how OBJECT gives us a conditional
> hypertext block that gets inlined when the image is not displayed
> and hidden when the image is displayed (but accessible to an
> off-screen model by attribute query).

Today with NS 4.03

   <object data=clown.gif>
    This is a smiling clown, undoubtably a sad clown ...

You see the text contained by the object element, since NS 4.03
doesn't yet know how to deal with gif images in OBJECT. Lets
assume that a new version 4.0x does support gif, then when
you turn off images to speed loading, the browser would instead
show you the text, perhaps with an inserted hypertext link 
to retrieve the image. This behaviour is of course UA dependent.

None of this effects the arguments for longdesc, which is about
how to allow authors to make pages, designed for the vast numbers
of browsers out there that don't support HTML 4.0, accessible.
For this we are introducing features that new browsers can
exploit, but which have no impact on existing browsers and so
can be safely used in pages intended for existing browsers.


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