REVIEW - WCAG 2 proposed changes (due by April 29)

The following email outlines the updates proposed and implemented by the WCAG 2 Task Force. It provides a two-week window for Working Group members to review non-normative WCAG 2 updates, and consists of changes in several categories.

Proposed normative change

In addition to the non-normative changes in the sections below, the Task Force has identified a normative or potentially normative change for the Working Group. This is listed here to flag it may initiate a normative review process. It will be added to an upcoming call, and if the attending working group members are in general agreement to make the change, it will be determined if it must go through a CFC process.

  *   Removing defunct 'encloses' definition #3636<>

How to provide feedback on the following changes

For proposed substantive or editorial changes:

  1.  Give a thumbs up on the pull request description to agree. (We are looking for >4)
  2.  Or provide feedback in the Conversation to request changes

Based on feedback, those changes will be merged or brought back for another review.

For proposed draft responses to issues, give a thumbs up or comment.

If you spot a problem with an implemented bug fix, open a new issue.

Proposed substantive changes (changes that meaningfully add or alter existing non-normative guidance)

  *   Update ARIA12 #3734<>
  *   Delete G187 and files that link to it #3736<>
  *   Aligned WCAG 2.2 with WCAG 2.1 - 2.5.5 Target Size (Enhanced) Understanding Doc (missing examples) #3638<>

Proposed editorial changes (small improvements to language intended to clarify existing guidance)

  *   Update G1 resource link #3767<>
  *   Fix to correct url reference in H33 #3697<>
  *   Update link name in understanding SC2.5.1 #3780<>

Proposed responses to issues (for which we are not going to create a PR)

  *   Does SC 1.2.1 require the alternative for time-based media for video-only to be visible? #3642<>

Implemented bug fixes (trivial editorial corrections such as typos and broken links)
         Fixed typo on H80 #3693<>
         Fixed url typo in 1.2.1 Understanding #3774<>
         Fix typo in non-text-contrast.html #3705<>
         Removed H35 from 1.1.1 understanding doc #3779<>
How to participate in future task force work

  *   Attend Friday call<>
  *   Participate asynchronously in github discussions<>
  *   Self-assign issues on the project board<>
  *   Subscribe to Listserv:<>

Completed changes

A table showing all merged changes by date <>

Received on Tuesday, 16 April 2024 17:22:57 UTC