Re: AI and the future of Web accessibility Guidelines

Let’s not forget language of text. Some assistive technology is 
already doing this. My text to speech does not even respect the `lang` 

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On 4 Apr 2024, at 8:08, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:

> On 04/04/2024 08:02, Gregg Vanderheiden RTF wrote:
>> I think much of our work is not forward-looking.
>> We will soon have AI that can do a better job of text alternatives 
>> than humans can for example.
>> And then it is unclear why we would require authors to do all this 
>> work.
>> This applies to a LOT of things.
> As a counterpoint, Gregg ... when does it end? You've stated similar 
> when it comes to things like authors needing to provide correct 
> explicit markup for headings, since (to paraphrase) "AI will be able 
> to do it".
> Captions, audio descriptions ... "AI will be able to do it".
> Colour contrast issues? "AI can detect it and change it on the fly".
> Once you bring in the "AI will do it" line of thinking, we may as well 
> just remove any author requirement, and WCAG becomes just a list of 
> requirements for AI user agents to massage any old web content into 
> something accessible.
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