Re: AI and the future of Web accessibility Guidelines

On 04/04/2024 08:02, Gregg Vanderheiden RTF wrote:
> I think much of our work is not forward-looking.
> We will soon have AI that can do a better job of text alternatives than 
> humans can for example.
> And then it is unclear why we would require authors to do all this work.
> This applies to a LOT of things.

As a counterpoint, Gregg ... when does it end? You've stated similar 
when it comes to things like authors needing to provide correct explicit 
markup for headings, since (to paraphrase) "AI will be able to do it".

Captions, audio descriptions ... "AI will be able to do it".

Colour contrast issues? "AI can detect it and change it on the fly".

Once you bring in the "AI will do it" line of thinking, we may as well 
just remove any author requirement, and WCAG becomes just a list of 
requirements for AI user agents to massage any old web content into 
something accessible.

Patrick H. Lauke


Received on Thursday, 4 April 2024 12:08:58 UTC