[Silver] Minutes of the meeting of 12 August 2022

== Summary ==

 1. AG's Tuesday meeting will be an extended time meeting focused on
    WCAG 2.2.  There are 2.2 surveys.
 2. Digital Publishing will be hosting a Salon at TPAC.  The date and
    time are unclear from the announcement page
    <https://www.w3.org/2022/09/digpubsalon>, so we will find out more.
 3. Reviewed the Writing Process Overview document being drafted. There
    is a newtable breaking out what work should be done at each Maturity

 4. We discussed using functional needs or user needs to work on the
    Exploratory level.  We agreed to keep the Functional and User Needs
    from the Functional Needs list at Placeholder level, put research
    user needs at the Exploring level, and put developing detailed
    guidelines-specific user needs for the Developing level.
 5. We discussed where Outcomes go in the writing process. Previously,
    determining tests came before determining outcomes, because in a
    waterfall process, developing tests first reduced errors in the
    outcome.  Because this is now an iterative process, we agreed that
    logically, determining outcomes should come before developing tests,
    but as the tests are developed, they influence the outcome, as
    changes in the outcome will have an impact on the tests. They are
    developed concurrently and inform each other.

== Minutes ==


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