SURVEY: 2.1 Errata

This was in the agenda, but just in case you were looking for the errata survey, it is here:

From: Alastair Campbell
Hi everyone,

The focus-appearance survey is ready now:

From: Alastair Campbell
Hi everyone,

Iíll send these around as they are ready, this is the follow-up to the last meetings discussion on the flash-threshold notes:

Hopefully the 1st question is not controversial, it implements what we discussed.

The 2nd question is on the last note that we didnít finish discussing, but Iíve asked Bern some questions about that and included the answers.

The 3rd question is a little errata on the same topic that would close an issue. If we get agreement, great, if not then I wouldnít want to spend time on it in the meeting.

Kind regards,



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