[Accessibiity Support] Minutes of the meeting of 26 July 2022 (Week 2)

 Present: AWK, Makoto
Regrets: Bruce, Poornima

* Partipnats were just two this week.  We might need more participants.
* Two of us discussed our goal and steps and agreed with the following:
  - Our goal is to present pros and cons on 1) Keeping "Accessibility
Supported" and 2) NOT keeping "Accessibility Supported" for WCAG 3.
  - STEP 1. Gather and document use cases on "Accessibility Supported",
including Japan, Adobe, Section 508, and other cases if any.
  - STEP 2. Document pros and cons on 1) and 2) above and consider which
we'll recommend.
  - STEP 3. Present "What form it will take if we'll take option 1)
* We've got some comments from "Anonymous" for our starting document. We'd
like to know who they are if possbile.


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