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There are a couple of issues left (opened by JonA), which I think have straightforward answers, but Jon would like to check they match everyone’s understanding.

The first is:
“I've seen instances where in the same responsive variation the help mechanism is visually in different locations but serially in the same order. That is on one page it's at the end of content but before the footer in the main area and on another page it's also between the content and the footer but on the right side (same variation/viewport). Does that meet the SC as the note implies? It seems like it would be best otherwise - but would pass.”

I think that would pass. Not good from a user point of view, but I don't think we can narrow it down to catch those scenarios without creating different issues elsewhere.

The second is:
“Does 3.2.6 Consistent Help allow for content that is under disclosure widget on one page in a set but not another in the same set?
For example, the relative order is the same but on one page you must expand a section for contacting us and on another page it's in the same order but there is no disclosure control - it's just visible.”

The SC doesn't mention default visibility, so if it's in the same order I think it would pass. I would rather not provide that as an idea for people in the understanding doc though!

There is another issue about providing more examples for “set of web pages”, but that doesn’t impact the SC text.

If those seem like reasonable answers, we should be able to CFC this SC very soon:

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Received on Monday, 6 June 2022 15:07:26 UTC