Re: Possible draft of 3.2.7

Hi Suzanne,
> I agree that a good next step would be to work from a draft that attempts to solve the ambiguity …
That is the bit we’re still missing.
A lot of WCAG 2.x criteria take the form: If something is communicated in one way, make sure it’s communicated in another way.
E.g. alt text, info & relationships.
Non-text contrast essentially asks you to make sure that: Whatever it is about an input that makes it an input, make sure that has contrast. If it doesn’t have anything, there is no requirement.
This SC is asking for an interface feature, which is different and more difficult.
It is a good point about making sure the test matches the requirement, but we are still missing the step of defining ‘visible indicators’ (or something else) less ambiguously.


Received on Wednesday, 27 April 2022 15:53:07 UTC