RE: [External] WCAG 2.x backlog meetings

Sorry, that would have been helpful – 1 hour.



From: Andrew Kirkpatrick

Alastair – how long of a meeting?

From: Alastair Campbell

Hi everyone,

In order to make progress on the WCAG 2.x backlog (including new issues on 2.2), we would like to run a dedicated meeting. It will be particularly productive if those active on the WCAG Github repo can attend.

The structure of the meeting will be to:

  *   Review un-assigned issues in github, aiming to assign a certain number of issues to the participants to tackle in the next two weeks.
  *   Review the responses that people have added in the last week, aiming to agree or update them.
  *   Identify issues which need a wider review during the main AG meeting.

A key concern is transparency, so a requirement of the meetings is that any informative doc changes are properly logged and can be queried by any members not present. Any normative changes would trigger a full-group review and CFC.

There is no perfect time we can run the meeting, so this survey is to identify the best possible time of the available options:

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