RE: WCAG 2.3 v 3.0 - was RE: XR Subgroup Update [April 27th 2021]

JonA wrote:
> > Folks seem to associate non-binary score with subjectivity.  There is 
> > already subjectivity in WCAG today

Patrick wrote:
> ... heresy! *grins*

It's a good point to bear in mind. 

Even in (seemingly) simple cases like alt text, an image can have alt text that may or may not have " equivalent purpose". 

Currently that would mean different testers have to choose between pass and fail, which makes the end result look wildly different.

With categories / rating / percentages within guidelines, the difference between category 2 & 3 out of 4 (or between 50% and 60%) does not look as different. 

Done well, the effect of *accounting* for subjectivity (that will always be present) is that it smooths out the results, and you get a closer agreement between testers overall.

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