Re: WCAG 2.3 v 3.0 - was RE: XR Subgroup Update [April 27th 2021]

On 29/04/2021 04:13, Jonathan Avila wrote:
>   * Getting a 'standard' that mandates captions in XR will benefit
>     non-hearing users the most
> WCAG today already mandates captions in XR.   The mandate doesn’t go far 
> enough to address all aspects of XR – but WCAG does apply to web based 
> XR today.  There are many additional captioning criteria that could be 
> created – e.g. control over fonts, size, placements, etc. the challenge 
> up until now has been getting these approved – users could benefit from 
> some of in 2018 on the web and in XR then.

Agree ... should be careful not to think that for each new technology we 
need completely new SCs. As an interim, could I suggest adding an 
example bullet point in understanding, or a sufficient technique that 
touches on XR, for the current WCAG captioning SCs.

> Folks seem to associate non-binary score with subjectivity.  There is 
> already subjectivity in WCAG today

... heresy! *grins*

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