Re: How to test for WCAG 2.1 SC 1.4.10 Reflow - Level AA?

On 10/02/2020 16:29, Newton, Brooks (TR Product) wrote:

> I’ve noticed that my desktop version of Chrome does not allow me to 
> resize the browser viewport below 500 pixels, which makes it impossible 
> for me to perform the Reflow test by manually adjusting the browser 
> viewport dimensions down to 320 pixels.

For that, I usually keep my devtools docked and to the right. then, I 
can pull the vertical splitter/divider between web content and devtools 
to whatever size I want (and as a bonus, it shows me the current pixel 
dimensions of the browser part in the top-right of the browser part - 
though I'll note that this does NOT take into account zoom level, so 
perform it at 100% there unless you like to do mental arithmetics of 
what the actual CSS width is).

>  I’ve also noticed that the 
> responsive design mode in Chrome doesn’t return reliable results, in 
> terms of showing both vertical and horizontal scroll bars at 320 pixels 
> for content that forces two dimensional scrolling Firefox.

Yes, Chrome pretends to do what most mobile devices do there and hides 
scrollbars altogether. You can still test if you *can* scroll 
horizontally, but it's not immediately apparent.

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