Re: SC 2.2.1 Extend (NOT Adjust!!) (Re: SC 2.2.1 Extend "at least ten times")

Hi Makoto

I was present for all of the discussions around that Success Criteria when
it was created back in about 2004. The intention was flexibility for the
developer. The dev could provide one opportunity of 10 times the default
amount of time, OR 10 opportunities to extend it by the default time OR any
combination. It could be implemented in any way, either by dialog, or by a
personalization setting in the person's account, or by any other means as
long as the mechanism to extend it was conforming to WCAG's other SCs
(properly labelled, sufficient contrast, etc.)

I hope that helps.

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On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 3:40 AM Patrick H. Lauke <>

> On 06/02/2020 03:14, Makoto Ueki wrote:
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> > The point is " extend the time limit at least ten times".
> They are given at least 10 opportunities to extend (by whatever time
> amount).
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