RE: CFC - Publication of WCAG 2.2 FPWD

Okay, but IMHO mentioning that we are looking at correcting 0.03928 to 0.04045 in the formula for relative luminance is exactly the sort of important detail that should be in a FPWD.

From: Alastair Campbell <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 3:39 PM
To: Bruce Bailey <>
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Subject: RE: CFC - Publication of WCAG 2.2 FPWD

Hi Bruce,

>-1, as I am distressed that we are not addressing normative issues left over from 2.0:

We’re doing a more incremental update approach and prioritizing the things that most need public review, i.e. new requirements.

We will tackle at least some of the items in the list before the final draft. As they are things we can tackle as a group and implement, we hadn’t seen those as a priority for the earlier wide reviews.

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